Benefit of an import agent

In the present context of Nepal, agents are playing significant role in the growing market. Agents and import companies have expanded its coverage which have made the market place favorable.

Be the Best Pvt Ltd has been offering the service since 2018 and will be doing in the future. The company have served and have earned loyalty from the customers which has become the company’s pride and joy.  Having your own agent makes the official work easier and saves time as agent will know more about the rules and regulation of the trading. The agent will have the wide exposer in the market that will lead to the effective trading. We are offering the services such as product sourcing, TT/LC management, custom clearance etc. as per the customer’s demand. Some of the benefit to have your own agent can be given bellow:


 Saves time

Agents in Nepal are increasing as increasing number of start-up businesses in the market. Agent and fresh entrepreneur can go hand in hand if their objective matches. The customers do not need to search for another agent to import, for Be the Best Pvt Ltd is here to help. They do not have to take trouble and search for the products because Be the Best Pvt Ltd can do that for the customers and save their time.

Skilled agent

An agent knows the market place as no others, they know the rate of exchanges, documents, rules and regulations. They know about the foreign market as well as domestic market and will have the better sales skill. Skilled agent helps you to make the transaction defective without any doubt.


An agent acts as an intermediator and represents the interest of the customers so that it will be easier to start the trading process in the market. An agent will help you to select the market, choose the product as well as help you with all the details needed in the operation process while doing the import. They will represent you in such a way that you will not have problem in operation.

Price negotiator  

An agent will help the customers from product sourcing to price negotiating. They will know the nature of products and will help you negotiate according to the quantity of your products. They are the skilled price negotiator in the market.


Taking responsibility is one of the major qualities of an agent. They take the responsibility to provide the best service to the customers and win their loyalty. From taking the requirements, sourcing, custom clearance to till delivery of the products an agent take responsibility to satisfy the customers.







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