Custom Clearance in Nepal

Be the Best Pvt Ltd is the leading trading company which also aids the customers regarding various services. In order to make the customers feel at ease the company puts great effort in making the operation smooth and successful as well as satisfying them. The company not only takes the requirements to operate but also takes the great pleasure helping them to complete the transaction process for those who are in need. The provision of business consultancy is also provided to the customers who seeks help in starting their new business venture. Be the Best Pvt Ltd shares the great satisfaction in sharing the knowledge and receiving from the interested individual or the company.

Custom clearance is one of the services that we take pleasure in completing in behalf of our customers if asked to do it by the customers. The customers should have the required necessary documents if they do not, we help the customers to gather the needed documents. To make the operation smooth and effective, the requires documents should be complete and legal.

What are the documents needed?

Pro-forma invoice

 The proforma invoice is the type of bill used to request payment from the committed buyers for the goods and services before they are supplied. The proforma invoices makes it clear to start the operation effectively. The proforma invoice includes the necessary documents such as: descriptions of the goods, the total payable amount and other details of the transactions so that it becomes easier to start the process.

Commercial invoice

 It is a legal document that is prepared by the seller to the buyer in an international trade for the evidence of the sales transaction between them. It is used for the custom clearance and for other determination of taxes.

Packing list

 The packing list includes all the information regarding the products and services. It consists of the date of the transaction, contact information of the exporter, the address and destination of the exporter and cargo. Details description of the product, volume and weight of the products are provided in the packing list so that the customers feel at ease to start the transaction.

Transportation bill/ Airway/ Shipping master bill.

The details about the products issued by the transportation company to the shipper about the type of the products, quantity of the products and description of the products being carried so it doesn’t get misplace and lost. It is also said as the shipment receipt because it consists of details of the costs and charges of the products.

Country of origin.

Country of origin refers to the original place where the products are originally coming from or obtained from. It contains the details of the origin so that is gives the assurance to the agent as well as the customers related to the products that being transported.

Payment details.

All the payment details regarding the purchase of the products and agreement of the payment between the supplier and client is payment details. In order to complete the transaction process there should be payment details.

Insurance bill

To have the goods insured for the further processing, an individual should have an nsurance documents prepared.


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