How to import from in Nepal? China based, is the largest marketplace for product sourcing and wholesale online based shopping site. Importing products from it can have major benefits to Nepalese businesses. As a result of buying low-priced products from China and India with cheap labor and low manufacturing cost, Nepalese businesses can considerably increase their profit margin.

Here’s how you can buy and import products from to Nepal.

Sign up and login into

To sign up and login into the is necessary so that it will be easier for the seller to know about you. The seller will know about your necessary information and address of your company after you sign up and login. This first step allows you to chat and negotiate with the seller about the products.

Search your required products.

once you sign up, you search for the products with the verified suppliers. This will save you from scammers and frauds.

Contact suppliers with your requirements.

After finding your right products, you can start talking to the suppliers. There will be various option to contact with the suppliers, you can choose the right option to communicate with the suppliers. The best option you can apply is chat with the supplier directly and make sure to inquiry about the transportation and about the agent to import the products in Nepal.

An agent

Knowing about the products and process, the supplier may or may not have an agent to supply your product in Nepal. If the supplier has the agent, then you can directly ask to import in Nepal after completing the payment process. But if the seller does not have an agent, you can search as “Alibaba Nepal” then you will find “” where you can chat and know more about the process.

If the customer is having difficulty in operation, Be the Best Pvt Ltd takes the initiative to do it for them as per the customers requirement. We help in product sourcing with the help our professional team.


Invoice is prepared by the seller to let the customers know about the nature of products that they have chosen. The invoice includes the details of items, size of the products, quantity of the products, unit price and total amount of the products.  


Quotation is prepared by the company for the customers as per the transportation method that they choose (via road, via air, via sea). The quotation includes the details of the transportation and charges of the product. It is the total landing cost in Nepal from the importing country. The company only prepares the quotation after receiving the invoice from customer. Later when quotation is prepared, the customers are required to make the payment.  

Make the payment

In order to place your order in China and India, the customers should pay certain amount as the company’s policy in advance (product cost, shipping cost and insurance declaration) of the total amount. The customers can select the method of payment as they prefer to pay in advance. The remaining payment is done after the product is delivered.

The customers should provide the contact details to the suppliers so that delivery agent can contact you when the product is delivered in Nepal.


When the product arrives in Nepal through respective route as there are three methods of transportation i.e., air way, sea way, road way and lastly courier service from India. We store the products in respective warehouse safely until the time of delivery.


The product is delivered to the customers after they fulfill the remaining payment. The product is delivered to the customers as they wish to be delivered to their respective place using the assigned mode of transportation.


Following these above 9 steps you can order, buy and import the products from China and India to Nepal. If you have any queries feel free to contact us. Be the Best Pvt Ltd is here to help you.


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