Well, Coronavirus have make every businesses down. Most of the countries is slowly comming back in business these days.


  • The $2.33 trillion U.S. manufacturing sector made up 11.6% of the country’s economic output in 2018.

  • U.S. factory production shrank by 1.3 percent in 2019.

  • While half a million manufacturing jobs have been added during the Trump administration, job growth in the Midwest remains sluggish.

  • Chinese manufacturing expanded slightly in March, as factories slowly came back online after the coronavirus shutdown.


Top 5 Countries with the Largest Manufacturing Output


  • China: $4T (28.37% of world total)

  • United States $2.3T (16.65% of world total)

  • Japan: $1T (7.23% of world total)

  • Germany: $806B (5.78% of world total)

  • South Korea: $459B (3.29% of world total)