Local products vs importing goods.

The condition of import of products from foreign country is increasing in Nepal. The main trading partner of Nepal are China, India, Bangladesh, USA. Various types of products are imported from foreign nations due to customers’ expectations and introduction of new trend and technologies.

Be the Best Pvt Ltd believes in providing the best services to the customers through continuous effort. In order to satisfy the customer’s needs, the company works effectively to provide the desired result and satisfy the customers. The company uses the modern technologies and team of professionals to operate smoothly. The tracking system is installed in the shipping of the products so that the customers feel free to locate the movement of their products. Sourcing and purchasing are also done as per the customers’ requirements.

Buying in local markets

  • Buying the products in the local market becomes costly for the customers compare to import.
  • Due to the lack of modern technology, the production of the goods become unable to fulfill the market demand
  • In some case, the production of the goods is hard to estimate due to the lack of required raw materials and skilled manpower.
  • In some cases, it becomes difficult to produce the good in the local market due to the unfamiliarity of the tools and technologies in the market.
  • It costs lot more to produce the little number of products in the local market following the local technologies.


There are major benefits in importing the products from the foreign market.

  • Importing from foreign nation is reliable because of the less the manufacturing costs.
  • When importing from the other countries, introduction of new tools and technologies is guarantee with the satisfactory finishing.
  • The import process also leads to the building of friendly relationship between and among the countries and the people.
  • The customers can get the qualitative verity of goods from import.
  • There is various option in the market to select from while importing from the foreign nation.











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