Import agent in Nepal

Importing refers to the purchasing of foreign products and bringing them into the home country. 

Exporting refers to the selling of domestic products in the foreign market. 

Be the Best Pvt Ltd one of the trusted trading companies in Nepal, supporting the startup business and
working with the well-established business too. The main focus of the company is regarding import of
products that the customers demand, rather than export of the product. We mainly import from China
and India.

The services we provide from India and China are as mentioned below:

  1. Payment management (TT / LC)
  2. Logistics management (Via Air / Road / Sea / Train)
  3.  Insurance of goods
  4. Repackaging
  5. Dealing with vendors/ suppliers
  6. Custom clearance

The company provides the solution of every problem of the customers. It helps to manage the payment
of the customers through TT (Telegraphic transfer) or LC (letter of credit) services to make the operation
easier. We organize the services of the customers and also help to monitor whether the product have
been moved from the station or not and we also provide the storage service to the product of the
customer. The insurance will be provided to the goods, as well as proper packaging facilities is
provided to make the operation better. In order to provide an excellent service to the customers we also
take the initiative to deal with the vendors or the suppliers and service of custom clearance.