Sourcing & Purchasing

Sourcing is concerned with finding the best supplier for goods and services. Sourcing is the subset of procurement that comes before any purchases are made.  Strong suppliers relationships help ensure consistent quality and availability. Purchasing refers to the portion of the procurement cycle that is actively engaged in buying a product or service from a supplier.

By working with us, you get a team of product sourcing and manufacturing experts with over 5 years of experience. You will get the best possible vendors and pricing. we work directly with factories and this saves money and time. Over the years we have developed strong connections and have worked with 1000's of pre-vetted factories for just about any product. Also we communicate with the suppliers and do better on product research such as price and quality.

1. Do better on product research such as price, design, and customization.
2. Get more efficient communication with suppliers.
3. Have someone's eyes on product quality.
4. Offer more efficient shipping service to your customers.
5. Store and pack goods in a short period.

How we work?

First of all, we will ask to the client about their product and their requirements. After that our China office will visit to the factory and look after the quality of your product. We will also do bargain the price of your product so it could be purchased in a reliable cost. And only after your confirmation we will proceed for your order.